“Joyful, Safe, Challenging and Caring”

Core Values of JFK students and staff

The foundation of all we do at JFK:
Responsibility, Kindness, Openness, Integrity and Respect

We offer a unique, family-oriented, educational environment where all students are motivated to fully develop their talents and skills in order to prepare them for acceptance into the best and most demanding secondary schools and also for the challenges of the world in which they will live and work.

Core Skills of the JFK Curriculum

A set of skills to underpin all learning at JFK:
Learning Skills, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills, Creativity, Collaboration & Understanding and Self Management


JFK News


Our New Library

We are very happy to announce that our library is now open!  Ms Emma and other staff spent many hours cataloguing and moving all the books from the old library to the new library at the end of last term.  If you have not seen the result for yourself, please come.  
We are happy to have so much more space to display our many and varied books. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this move.  Happy reading to everyone!

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