“Select the right school for your child”

Admission to the John F Kennedy International School is open to students of all nationalities who demonstrate the ability to access and benefit from the challenging curriculum and programme offered by the school and provided there is no reason why the applicant cannot be educated in Switzerland.

Admission Criteria
Admission is dependent on:

1. The parents/guardians completing all admissions procedures.

2. The student meeting the academic standard required. This will include a Mathematics and English language screening assessment done by the school.

3. The student meeting the ethical standards of the school. (Behaviour Conduct Code).

4. The parents or guardians meeting all financial obligations.

5. The availability of places in appropriate classes and programmes.

6. The receipt of a satisfactory report from the most recent previous school (for children who have attended a previous school).

7. The receipt of up to date medical records

Class Placement
Under normal circumstances students are assigned to classes on the basis of age. However, factors such as previous records, physical and emotional development and results of testing, are also considered. The final decision rests with the Head of School.

Special Learning Needs
Our school is able to admit and serve students with mild learning difficulties who demonstrate the ability to access and benefit from our regular curriculum and programme. They will be admitted on the basis of previous school records and placement, assessment of current intellectual and achievement levels and a psycho-educational evaluation if necessary.  Limited support from the school is available but in most cases, the necessary support will require additional funding from the parent of the student which will be billed on an hourly basis. Any student who has previously been referred to an Educational Psychologist or been in receipt of Learning Support must be identified during the admissions process and clear details must be recorded on the admissions forms.

Temporary Students
Students who wish to join the school for one or two terms, for example, to access the winter sports programme will only be able to so, should places be available.  In every case, the student must demonstrate the following conditions:

All Admission Criteria stated above

Payment in advance, pro-rated for each term required, plus processing charge

Parents must sign to confirm the finishing date of each student

Waiting List
Should more students wish to attend than there are places, then the date order of application will prioritise.

Priority placement will be given to qualified siblings of current students.

JFK reserves the right not to admit students with:

Low cognitive functioning

Severe behavioural disabilities

Serious learning disabilities

Limited English language proficiency

The final decision to accept a student to the John F Kennedy International School will be taken by the School Director with advice from the school’s educational team.  In all cases the Head of School’s decision is final.

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