“Select the right school for your child”

Selecting the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you, as a parent, can make. JFK offers an outstanding education designed to enrich the lives of all students, by offering both academic and sporting opportunities to challenge and extend, exploring all the possibilities available. We will be pleased to assist you with any queries you have about our school.

Future applications - September 2017 and beyond
We are open at all times to applications to our school. Where the number of applicants exceeds the number of students in a particular class, a waiting list system operates. Date of application is critical to this list. Therefore early applications are advised. Thank you for your interest in JFK.

There are essentially four steps involved in joining JFK:

Review our website or contact our office for information and to organise a visit.

Complete and submit an application form

Admissions evaluation and assessment

Notification of application outcome - offers and unsuccessful applicants

Our administration staff are available to guide you through the process. Please contact us should you have any questions relating to the process or your application.


1. Review our website or contact us for information and to organise a visit

We strongly receommend a visit to our school where you can see the classrooms as well as meet teaching and boarding staff.
The Download Centre contains the necessary forms. Please take the time to look through the website to discover the outstanding learning opportunities available through life at JFK.


2. Completing and submitting an Application Form

Before making application for your child to study at JFK, please ensure you have read and understood our Admissions Policy.

Completing an application form

The application process starts with the submission of an Application Form together with the required supporting documents and application fee. Application forms can be downloaded below or are available from our office.
To access all required forms click here.

Importance of Full Disclosure

It is essential that full disclosure be made at the time of application. It is particularly important that complete and accurate information be provided regarding:

any learning support or special needs of your child

health issues

Supporting Documents

For all applicants:

copy of passport

an official copy of the last two school reports (which much include the latest end of year report) and any standardised test results

copies of any specialist reports relating to learning abilities, such as an educational psychologist’s report

registration fee or fees

Submitting the Application Form

Application forms can be submitted in person, by post or electronically. If submitted electronically, the original form must follow within 14 days.

Placement upon the Waiting List

Upon receipt of a completed Application Form and the required documentation (see above), the applicant’s name will be placed on the class/waiting list. An applicant will not be considered for a place until the application is complete. Applications will only be considered complete when all supporting documentation has been received.


3. Admissions evaluation and assessment

Following submission of an application, you will receive an email acknowledgement from us. You should feel free to contact us at any time regarding your application.

Tests and Assessments

All applications are reviewed by the Head of School to determine whether the entrance criteria for the class applied for will be met at the point of admission. The Head’s decision with respect to whether the criteria will be met, is final.
If assessment or testing is required, we will contact you to make the arrangements.


4. Notification of application outcome - offers and unsuccessful applicants

Successful applicants

Successful applicants will be contacted, in the first instance by phone and then by email to advise that a place is available and to begin the formal process. If we are not able to make contact after several attempts, the place may be offered to another applicant. It is therefore vital that you keep us informed of any changes to your contact details.

Unsuccessful applicants

If your application is unsuccessful, we will advise you as soon as we are aware of the outcome of our assessment of your application. We will do our best to provide meaningful feedback on the application and the reasons it was not successful.

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