“Essential to a well-rounded education”

The John F. Kennedy School provides a range of opportunities to complement our academic programme.

Sports – Physical Education and Sports enjoy a high profile and belong to a strong tradition at John F Kennedy School. They are regarded as essential ingredients to a well-rounded education. An extensive range of sports is offered including skiing, hiking, swimming, ice skating and football.

Community – Students are encouraged to take part in community projects in the local area, for example helping at a local care centre for disabled adults, or supporting neighbourhood charities and events and taking part in local sporting competitions.

Challenge by Choice – Pupils are given a range of opportunities to challenge themselves further by taking part in ‘challenge by choice’ activities. This could include a reading challenge, a ski race or a more demanding hike.

Extra Curricular Activities – There is a wide range of extra activities offered to all students. These include swimming, karate, horse riding, tennis, football, choir, rock band and mountain biking. There are also regular opportunities to participate in a ‘taster’ session to try a new activity such as break dancing or skateboarding.

Zoom: JFK School
Zoom: JFK School

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