“Essential to a well-rounded education”

The JFK Humanitarian Club provides an opportunity for students to involve themselves in several projects throughout the year that strive to raise awareness and support humanitarian issues. Participation in Humanitarian Education projects assists young people in interpreting situations from a range of perspectives. It develops their skills and confidence to address challenges, from the individual through to the global, seeking a meaningful, safe and happy life for all.


Last year the Humanitarian Club focused its efforts on the Swiss Red Cross initiative Zweimal Weihnachten and a Peer Education Project to raise awareness of child soldiers and children affected by conflict. After teaching their peers, a charity ski race and a Red Hand Day event at JFK, sixty-five children from JFK and several local schools visited the United Nations in Geneva and met with the Director General Mr Michael Moller. In total 1222 red hand prints were collected and over 15,000CHF was raised for UNICEF.

Click on the link to see the news report on LemanBleu television.

And a video made by UN staff

This year the students of JFK will be hosting a Red Hand Day event at the United Nations in Geneva! We plan to create a huge display of handprints and exhibit artwork, while running several activities throughout the day for UN staff and visitors.

The club’s big task is to continue raising awareness and gather as many handprints as possible both locally and internationally. We will bring you updates via this page and JFK’s Facebook page. If you would like to help out please do not hesitate to contact the school.



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