“Essential to a well-rounded education”

We endeavour to inspire and motivate our students, creating an interest in sport which will encourage them to become lifelong participants. Our goals in sports are to promote health and well being, and to encourage respect for the body through improving strength, flexibility and endurance. We aim to encourage and develop good coordination - rhythm, reflex, orientation and balance.

In physical education lessons, children are taught a range of skills which can be applied across different sports, including fair play, being part of a team, respect and discipline.

Throughout the Autumn Term all students participate in our swimming programme where they are taught stroke technique, and encouraged to compete at various levels. Hiking and Environmental Awareness is featured regularly during the Autumn. Students learn about the environment in which we live and the various flora and fauna of the region. Ice skating lessons take part towards the end of term where pupils have the opportunity to learn figure skating skills or ice hockey.

During the Winter Term, our students ski either 2 or 3 afternoons per week. Highly qualified ski teachers provide instruction in technique and racing skills, as well as helping children to become aware of snow conditions and the changing nature of a mountain environment. Pupils also have plenty of opportunities to compete in school, local and regional ski races.

In the Spring Term, hiking and environmental awareness are reintroduced to the curriculum, as well as swimming and a range of other team sports. Students also concentrate on track and field skills in preparation for the Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) track meet.

Katrin Espiasse, Physical Education and Sports Coordinator and former Swiss Olympic Ski Team Member

Zoom: JFK School
Zoom: JFK School

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