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Our Winter Olympic Games are closed!

Thank you to all those who came to the closing ceremony, and to those who helped make the term so special. Check out the video below to see some highlights of the term...

Final Scores:

1st Place -Blue Team (sponsored by Saanen Bank)1998
2nd Place -Orange Team (sponsored by Early Beck)1953
3rd Place - Red Team (sponsored by Schneeberger and Silver Sports)1951
4th Place - Black Team (sponsored by Roelli Ideen-Labor)1882
5th Place - Green Team (sponsored by Chaletbau Matti)1865

This term, to celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, John F Kennedy School will be hosting an Olympic challenge, organised by our very own former Olympian Mrs Katrin Espiasse (Neuenschwander), who runs the school's sports programme.

The goals of this project are:
To involve all of our JFK family - students, staff, parents and the community during the winter term
To learn about the Olympics - the values, missions and history of the games
To learn about Russia and Sochi - promoting cultural awareness and global understanding in our international community
To compete in different winter sports - trying new things and aspiring to achieve

We are also involving our local community in our project; we have different sponsors for each team and will report our progress in the local press and throughout the area. Thank you to Early Beck, Saanen Bank, Schneeberger Sport, Silver Sport, Chaletbau Matti and Roelli Ideen-Labor for all your support.

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A postcard from our Swiss Olympians

We were delighted this week to receive a second postcard form the Swiss Olympic Team in recognition of our own Winter Olympic Games, Attached is a copy for you all to see. At the top you will see the signature of Gold Medal winner Sandro Villetta. We hope this shows our students the value of working in teams and supporting the olympic movement. Well done everyone!

Olympic Teams

All the children, staff and ski teachers are divided into 5 teams to compete in the Olympic Games, Parents can also earn points for their child's team - check out the programme to see how you can contribute to the totals! Please do check which team your child is in so that your team gets the points, you can find the team list in the recent weekly update emails.


Throughout the term there will be a variety of events in which children, parents and staff can earn points for their team. See below for our list of events, as well as information on the events available for parents and family members to earn points.

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